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Minimum Investment

$1,200.00 USD

Booking your session is fun and easy with our step-by-step booking process.

Step 1. Pay your $500.00 Sitting Fee

Step 2. Choose your Session Date

Step 3. Setup your Booty-Bank for the remaining balance of $700.00

Step 4. Swoon over how truly glorious you are! 


Are you asking yourself, “What do I get with my minimum investment?” Below are a few of the services and items you can expect with your minimum investment. More details can be provided upon request, or during your session consultation.

  • Session Consultation
  • Personal Wardrobe Styling
  • Access to Client Closet
  • Fresh-face Makeup Look
  • Two hour photo session
  • Professional Retouching, Color Correcting, and Photo Editing
  • Digital Gallery Reveal
  • Luxury Leather Album


Ready to Book? Click this link!


Still unsure, but interested in a consultation? Click here.

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